Bump In The Night Paranormal Investigations

Professional Paranormal Researchers that have dedicated more than 10 years to the true investigative procedures and collections of evidence.

Bump In The Night Paranormal Investigations Rules and Protocols

  • Never smoke while on an investigation. Smoke can be mistaken for ectoplasm or mist.
  • Always check all equipment to be used durring an investigation. Make sure its in working order, clean, and has fresh batteries.
  • Do not use alcohol or any other mind altering drug prior to or during an investigation for obvious reasons.
  • No horse play during an investigation. Members are expected to act in a professional manner at all times during an investigation.
  • Always bring extra batteries, video and audio tape with you
  • If using a 35mm camera, always start each investigation with a new roll of film.
  • Make sure your camera lens is clean before taking any pictures.
  • Always carry an i.d. card with you on an investigation. (Your bump in the night i.d. card, a drivers license, or state i.d.)
  • Never go ghost hunting alone. Always go in groups of at least 3.
  • Always get permission to go onto private property when no trespassing signs are posted. If no signs are posted, have at it.
  • Before doing an investigation in the dark, do a walk through in the light. This will identify any possible trip hazzards, gopher holes, down tree branches, headstones, etc.
  • Always have a first aid kit with you on an investigation, just in case!
  • Ask the spirits for permission to photograph them.  Introduce yourself, be polite.
  • Do not dare or provoke spirits to interact with you. You may not like the response you get.
  • Make sure all camera lenses are clear of camera straps,loose hair, fingers, etc.
  • No one under the age of 18 are allowed to go on any investigations.
  •  Be aware of bright lights such as the sun, moon, motion lights, street lights, etc. These can create shadows and cause lens flare.
  • Always try to find a rational explanation for any activity encountered on an investigation. If none exist, then you may have something.
  • Do not use ouija boards, seances or other means of communicating with spirits on an investigation. Again, you may not like the response you get.
  • Avoid walking around while taking pictures. This may kick up dust. Dust when photographed show up as orbs.
  • Be aware of reflective surfaces when photographing with a flash. Mirrors, walls with glossy paint, display cases, etc.
  • Always show respect to the living and the dead while on an investigation.
  • Keep a clear mind and neutral emotions while on an investigation. Negative emotions attract negative energy.
  • Hold your breath while taking picture on cold night. Exhaling can be mistaken for a mist when photographed.
  • Avoid doing investigations in the rain, fog, snow, and windy conditions. This can adversely affect the investigation, and damage your equipment.
  • When conducting evp. sessions, speak in a clear conversational tone of voice, try not to whisper. Whispering makes it harder to tell investigators from actual evps.
  • The lead investigator is in charge of the investigatiion. He/she is responsible for the saftey of team members, equipment, and private property during an investigation.
  • These rules and protocols were put into place to ensure the safety of team members, and get the best results from an investigatiion we can. We all want to gave fun doing this, so, we all need to do our part to make this possible.
  • Any team member who can not follow these rules during an investigatiion will be asked to leave. Again, we want everyone to enjoy themsleves, we won't let one person ruin it for the whole team.
  • As long as no one objects, a prayer of protection should be said before and after every investigation.


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