Bump In The Night Paranormal Investigations

Professional Paranormal Researchers that have dedicated more than 10 years to the true investigative procedures and collections of evidence.

5 Goals of an Investigation

1. To attempt to determine the causes of certain activity that          is occurring at a location. This will be accomplished through:

   A. Historical research of the location.

   B. Witness interviews.

2. Eliminate all possible natural explinations of activity occurring at a location. This will be accomplished through:

   A. Client interviews

   B. Preliminary tour of site to be investigated

   C. Use of Emf, and temperature scanners, ect.

3. Attempt to identify specific situations involving the activity in question.

   A. Does the activity occurr at a specific time of day or night.

   B. Is the activity centered around a certain person, or area.

   C. Does the activity react in a specific way to certain persons at the location.

4. Attempt to determine how the alleged spirit reacts to specific activity.

   A. Does prayer increase or decrease activity.

   B. Does prayer have a positive or negative affect on the activity.

   C. Does the Spirit respond to direct questions.

5. Attemt to determine if the activity is residual or intellegent in nature.

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