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What is the difference between a Ghost and a Spirit?
Thus far the distinction between the two seems to be that a "ghost" is more of an energy imprint, like a replaying moment in time. This is also known as a residual. During this time, EVP seems to follow a specific course, rather than being an interactive conversation.
A "spirit," on the other hand, is an interactive intelligent entity. Generally, this is what most people experience. Spirits tend to be loved ones, friends and people whom we are, and have been, connected to throughout our lives. Spirits may also be people whom we have never met and are connected with the home, land or things we have around us.

What is Parapsychology?
Parapsychology is the scientific study of paranormal phenomena. The paranormal refers to unusual experiences that seem to be unexplainable in terms of our everyday understanding.

What is Paranormal Phenomena?
Most paranormal phenomena can be categorized by whether they are MENTAL, such as ESP or clairvoyance, or PHYSICAL, such as actively involving paranormal influence on objects, events, or living things. Many times the distinction between the two is blurred. For example, a phenomenon may have both mental and physical features. Another phenomena is categorized as MISCELLANEOUS. These types of phenomena do not fit into either category.

Examples of Mental Phenomena:
* ESP (Extrasensory Perception)
* Telepathy
* Clairvoyance
* Clairaudience
* Precognition
* Premonitions
* Psychometrics
* Remote Viewing
* Dowsing
* Past-life Experiences
* Possession
* Out of Body Experiences
* Near Death Experiences
* Automatic Writing

Examples of Physical Phenomena:
* Psycho kinesis
* Psychic Photography
* Healing
* Poltergeist Activity
* Materialization
* Dematerialization
* Levitation

Examples of Miscellaneous Phenomena:
* Miracles
* U.F.O.
* Alien Abductions
* Ghosts
* Animal Mutilations
* Crop Circles
* Stigmata

What is EVP?
EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena; voices caught on recording devices such as tape recorders. Thomas Edison first introduced this concept to the world during the latter part of his life. Mr. Edison became obsessed with the afterlife and began trying to prove that our souls go on when our bodies die.

Thomas Edison spent the last few years of his life asking questions of ghosts. He would turn his recording device on, and while alone, Mr. Edison would begin asking questions. The recording device would record his questions as well as the pauses in between. While playing the recording back on a phonograph, Thomas Edison was amazed to find other voices providing answers. The recording device he used has not been found. The basic principle behind EVP collection is the use of an audio recording device in attempt to catch voices and/or sounds paranormal nature. First you must understand the concept of sound. Sounds are pressure changes in an elastic medium, such as the atmosphere that can be detected by our auditory system (ears). This pressure change is called a sound wave. The human ear can only interpret these changes sound waves if they are cycling in the range of 20 to 20,000Hz. Anything below the 20Hz level is called infrasonic and anything above 20,000Hz is called ultrasonic.

The human auditory system cannot interpret sound waves in the infrasonic or ultrasonic range. Based upon what we know, in regards to physics of sound, most people will accept the human voice is generally incapable of speaking below the 280Hz mark. ELF (30 to 300Hz) is the range most EVP is captured. According to the laws of physics, ELF is impossible for the human voice to cycle at.

What is a Vortex?
A vortex is what many researchers consider the breakthrough point of paranormal activity. This is energy that takes the shape of a "tube" in a photograph. A vortex may vary in color and shape. It has been noted that vortexes have been various colors in photos. One theory is that a vortex is made up of several orbs. Another theory is that the vortex may be in connection with a portal or doorway from one plane to the next.

What is an Orb?
For clarification purposes, not all orbs are considered paranormal. There is documented proof that you can create orbs simply by photographing a dusty area. Typically, these dust orbs are very dim in color and transparent. On occasion, one may capture a spirit orb in a photograph that is very solid and nearly seems to be glowing with light. These are considered paranormal by nature due to the vast difference in their appearance and unexplainable origins. Many researchers believe that an orb is a ghost in its true form. Until recently, most researchers knew what they were seeing were ghosts. However, researchers didn't know much about ghosts.

Researchers are learning to use infrared or ultraviolet technology to track these entities. Researcher Michael Lynch has studied an MRI and PET scan of a human and a thermal scan of an orb and found many similarities. Our brain is essentially what makes us who we are, it is our identity. As a human develops, his or her brain size increases. Ghosts may get bigger as they age in their plane of existence. Ghosts can become as big as they want when they learn how to gain enough energy. The ghost can manifest to be what it thinks it to be, but this takes a large amount of energy.

 Another paranormal aspect of orbs is the speed and way they move. While some move slowly in every direction possible, others move quickly. This has been documented and captured on film, with an anomaly moving at 300 feet per second. When looking at what is considered a paranormal or spirit orb, one can see that it seems to be comprised of and structured into 3 main parts. The outer layer (like a ring) can appear as a cloud or white mass. It can also appear to be more transparent. Some refer to this as the "field effect" The next layer is very interesting because it tends to have a "stringy" or "angel-hair" look to it. Some researchers believe that this layer is what gives you the cold feeling. The idea being that this is the entity’s sensory layer, in which it collects data from its surroundings through energy fields.

Finally, there is the center layer; this appears almost as a nucleus of the orb or the "central matrix". This could very well be the core of the mind of the entity, where the identity of it lies. Now taking that explanation of what an orb is made of, can we perhaps individualize and identify a ghost? A group called SEARCHERS believes that it is possible by looking at the orbs central matrix and field affect. On a personal note, V.T.P.R. has not come to a formal conclusion as to whether "spirit orbs" are the actual ghost/spirit themselves. We do feel that they are an indicator of paranormal energy and activity. We are hoping to learn more on this phenomenon through our research and investigations.

What is EMF (Electromagnetic Field)?
Electromagnetic energy is the movement of photons. It encompasses a wide range of energy from radio waves, through visible light spectrums, all the way to the x-rays and gamma rays. It is everywhere and exists in everything. We ourselves put off an EMF field constantly (as well as plants and animals). It may also be called our aura. If you examine an atom, the nucleus and electrons take up less than 1% of its volume. The rest of that space is occupied by photons being traded back and forth between the positively charged nucleus and the negatively charged electrons. So the universe is made up mostly of energy. (In terms of volume not mass, photons have no mass)

One theory that is being researched is that our consciousness is made up of energy. As living things, we are animated by electricity. Electrical impulses are transmitted throughout our nervous system to our brains. Albert Einstein (1879-1955) taught us that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form of energy into another form of energy. This means that no matter what is done energy cannot be destroyed. Therefore, when we die, the EMF energy is not destroyed; merely changed or transferred. If this theory holds true, then it is possible that our consciousness could survive the death of our body. Paranormal researchers have hypothesized a connection between paranormal phenomena and fluctuations in local EMF.

This correlation is what we are trying to establish when we measure local EMF fields with an EMF meter (or gauss meter). Some researchers feel that an EMF reading is between 2-7 mill gauss range. We personally feel that the range of the EMF field is not necessarily the same for all phenomena. Why? Just like there are stronger and weaker people who put off more or less EMF, this would hold true for ghosts/spirits as well. We do believe however that the EMF field will be a fluxuating field. (I.e. your EMF detector reads a fluctuation in a field from 1.5 mg -3 mg and then from 1.5 mg -10mg).

The Lunar Cycles
Solar flares are classified based on their output of X-ray energy at the peak of their burst. Solar Flare activity and Geomagnetic Field activity seems to affect the amount of ghost activity. Research has shown us that during periods of heightened solar flare activity and geomagnetic activity in space, the amount of spirit activity increases. M class and X class flares are good sources of energy for the spirits to use to manifest. Spirits often tap into normal electrical sources such as electrical appliances and batteries to get this energy but on days when the air is full of excess energy due to a solar storm or flare, they have a surplus of energy to tap into. This information is also important because it may adversely affect your more sensitive EMF meters, like the Trifield EMF meter, giving you false positive readings.

What is a Ghost?
Right now the answer to this is that no one knows for certain. There are many theories to explain the hundreds of thousands of documented experiences that people everywhere have had since the beginning of recorded history. Ghosts seem to be a relatively common part of the human experience. There does appear to be several types of ghosts and perhaps more than one theory is needed to explain them all. The traditional view of ghosts is that they are the spirits of people who have died and for some reason can go between this plane of existence and the next. Some people believe that ghosts don't know they are dead and that is why they are here. A ghost is a human being who has passed out of the physical body, sometimes in a traumatic state and may not be aware of his/her true condition. We are all spirits encased in a physical body. At the time of passing our spirit body may continue into the next plane of existence.

What kinds of Ghosts are there?

Residual Haunting-- These are often considered a photo in time or leftover energy from the past. A spirit becomes trapped in a terrible emotional loop that repeats over and over, like a video segment playing over repeatedly. This would be like an echo of a personality or traumatic events (i.e. a battleground). This type of apparition does not interact. Some people see apparitions, some feel energies, and some hear sounds. There have been some theories that limestone deposits have some effect on residual haunting, as they have been found near active sites and limestone can hold electromagnetic charges.

Time Slips-- This type of haunting is most usually seen as sounds and transparent shadows. This has been documented for years. This may also be a type of residual haunting. What may be occurring is actually from the past, another time in life slipping into our time. This has yet to have much study on it.

Crisis Apparitions-- These are apparitions of dying or recently dead. This is the most frequently reported apparition. This type commonly involves one-time visits to someone with whom the apparition had close emotional ties to. This encounter usually seems to be a type of farewell, sometimes important or useful information is passed on to the "viewer". This is usually a visual image that appears in waking visions or dreams.

Apparitions of the Dead-- These are apparitions of people who have been dead for a while. There are 2 types of these: 1) those that make one or several visits to someone and 2) apparitions that linger for months or years around a particular location or person they associated with when alive. Deathbed Apparitions-- Visual images of divine beings, religious figures, luminosity's and dead loved ones that are reported by the dying in the last moments of life.

Apparitions of the Living-- Also called bilocation or OBE (out of body experience). These apparitions can either be spontaneous or intentional. In the case of spontaneous OBE, the person whose apparition is seen is generally (though not always) unaware of his OBE. OBE is considered intentional when the apparition can be connected to a person who is aware they were having this experience, or with someone who was consciously trying to communicate with the person who witnessed the apparition.

Apparitions from Another Plane or Time-- There are reports of apparitions who act as frightened of us as we are of them. In some cases, they indicate that we, not they are the ghosts. In reports such as these, the observed ghosts appear to be "normal" and "alive" as we know it, (although the setting and dress may be of a different era or locale). Given our incomplete understanding of time and space and the likelihood of additional planes of existence or dimensions, perhaps reports indicate that two distinct spatial or time dimensions can somehow merge and coexist for a time.

Intelligent Apparitions-- These are manifestations of a spirit that is visible to the eye as well, but seem to have a consciousness of there own. These have been known to interact with people by speaking, manifesting their appearance by way of mists, light, etc.

What is a Cold Spot or Hot Spot?
A cold spot or a hot spot is what many researchers believe happens when a ghost is trying to manifest itself. The idea of the cold spot is that the ghost is absorbing the ambient heat energy surrounding it, thus making that spot colder. (Obviously a hot spot would be the reverse) The Peltier–Seebeck effect is a good explanation of this. Physicist Jean Peltier discovered the Peltier-seeback Effect in 1834. It can be described as this: when an electrical current passes between two dissimilar conductors, heat is either released or absorbed, depending on the direction of the current. The amount of heat released or absorbed is directly proportional to the strength of the current. If, as we theorized earlier, paranormal activity is connected to EMF, than a moving EMF field would be accompanied by temperature variations.

Recording temperature changes (along with EMF readings) is another scientific way of detecting the presence of ghosts. It is a scientific fact that there has to be some form of energy present to alter the temperature. Temperature does not change unless "something" is affecting it one way or the other. The theory is that ghosts absorb light, emotional and heat energy causing the general area around that ghost to be several degrees cooler. There are also hot spots recorded, which could be just the reverse affect occurring. Instead of soaking up the light and heat the ghost is reflecting it back, causing the area to be warmer.

Matrixing: The tendency of the human brain to see familiar features in complex shapes or colors.( This also applies for hearing voices in ordinary sounds.)

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