Bump In The Night Paranormal Investigations

Professional Paranormal Researchers that have dedicated more than 10 years to the true investigative procedures and collections of evidence.


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Reply Ron
5:56 PM on March 14, 2013 
Hey Kelley, Thank you for your last post, and clearing that situation up. We are sorry to hear you had a bad experience, unfortunately it happens. We can still help you out if you are still having activity and would like to talk to a paranormal investigation team. We would suggest you go to the paranormal societies.com web site. The guy who runs this site is Bill wilkens. Its a national data base where people looking for help can find a team close to them. So if you still need to talk to a team i would start there. Hope this helps, and thanks again!!
Reply kmonte3
11:32 AM on March 14, 2013 
The husband and wife that came to my house uses the same name as your group. I have a card and they gave me a folder with the name "Bump in the Night Investigations". I do want to apologize for leaving the comment as I had been trying to email them back and have gotten nothing in response. To your group, "guests" and clients I just want to say that the people who had come out to my home are NOT affiliated with this website. It was a misunderstanding on MY part and I'm truly sorry. I don't know if they can have and use the same name. but when I looked them up by the name they are using, your website came up.... They were unprofessional, you guys are not.... So, I just wanted to put this out there to apologize to you guys and everyone associated with you. Thanks:(
Reply Lori
12:16 AM on March 9, 2013 
kmonte3, just for future reference, and for all of us here at Bump In the Night, exactly who came to your house and did the interview? What was on their business card? When was this interview scheduled? The only interview we had scheduled was in downtown Chicago. Please make sure you are talking to the right group. This is not the way we work and this is not a way that we treat our clients. We are a start to finish group and we are continually updating and following up with everyone. So, please, since you live in New Jersey and we are 18 hours away drive time, I am positive we did not set anything up with you and it is not our group. Thank you.