Bump In The Night Paranormal Investigations

Professional Paranormal Researchers that have dedicated more than 10 years to the true investigative procedures and collections of evidence.

Who We Are

Our mission is to seek out and obtain evidence of paranormal activity, to record and document any contact with paranormal entities through the use of photography, EVP's (electronic voice phenomena), EMF's  (electro magnetic fields), thermal indicators and personal experiences.  We also assist private persons in a professional, confidential and discrete manner with paranormal activity that may be occuring in their residences or places of business.

We are a simple investigative group that was founded by Ron Smiles and Lori Taylor-Esposito.  We were always intrigued by the paranormal and decided that we should start our own group.  We told a few friends, first Jodi and Tony, then a few more friends and family , Jeff Smiles, about what our intentions were for a new hobby and the rest is history.  Our friends and family have joined us on our quest to prove if there is actually paranormal activity in our area and surrounding communities, and if there is not, we had fun investigating it anyway. 

We are a very active group that will investigate any type of reported activity, at any location, at any time, on any day.  We then decided to expand our group and make sure that all members are involved with all investigations, (not just the same people all of the time like some groups), be it going on the investigation or coming to the monthly meetings to go over all evidence that was collected.

New members are always welcome.  The monthly meetings will be posted on the Events & Activities section of this web page so that you will always be abreast of the upcoming events and meeting dates.

Thank you for your interest in Bump In The Night Paranormal Investigations, happy hauntings! 

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